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8 Prayer Watches for Identity Transformation, Hope and Confidence
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This book is aimed at meeting everyone at their point of need, no matter what point they are in their walk of life. Whether you are young or old, male or female, married or unmarried; cultured or uncultured, traditional, or not: you can be transformed. Often in life we find ourselves in the wrong location. This is because we receive the wrong information and we subconsciously store it in our minds. Therefore, we need to change the information we receive to change our location. Hence, the purpose for writing this book which is to equip you in transforming your identity through practical applications of the Word of God. Generally, in life we meet challenges that lead us to crossroads where we are faced with decision making to reach our God-given providence.

About The Author

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Monicah Manana

Monicah Manana is a mother and Associate Pastor at Hollymoor Community Church, Birmingham, under Eternal Life Ministries. The church has an important role of reaching out and meeting the needs of the community through the food bank, debt counselling, raising awareness of mental health and supporting victims of various abuses. She is a Life Coach and the founder of Proverbs 31 Women Ministries as well as All-in-1 Academy. Monicah migrated from Zimbabwe to the UK in 1999 to further her education. She completed her “A” Levels at Windsor Girls School, Berkshire and holds an LLB Law and Politics degree acquired at Keele University, Staffordshire, in 2004. Monicah works with families, empowers them with self-discovery and promotes self-confidence, ambition, self-appreciation, and gifts/talents. She supports parents and children with building positive relationships, behaviour, emotional resilience, self-esteem and increase confidence. At Proverbs 31 Women’s Ministries, Monicah encourages women to deal with unpleasant feelings, tame their temperament and be positive about who they are. Self-discovery is important for every person to know their identity and live a purposeful life. Proverbs 31 is a ministry spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ through teaching the Word, gifts, and ministries of the Holy Spirit. Monicah is a pioneer for personal development with a passion to help others reach their full potential. She currently resides in Birmingham with her son.
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